Keys and Alarms
Lily Cleaning Services takes extreme measures to protect your key and alarm code. We store your alarm code in a discreet folder with no ties to your address. We also store your key in a key safe and we retrieve your key only on the scheduled day of your cleaning. Please note, if your alarm system is complicated, we prefer that you leave the alarm off on the day of your clean.

Please be present on your last scheduled clean so that we may return your key from our hand to yours. We do not feel comfortable leaving your key at the outside of your house.

If you choose to wait for us to arrive and to let us into your home, instead of giving us a key or alarm code, please be aware that we have a four hour arrival window. Many things can effect our schedules and we do not want to keep you waiting. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact time of day for each visit.


Our staff members are very important to us and we are very concerned with their safety while cleaning for you. We prohibit use of ladders or heavy lifting. (Anything over 35lbs). If you would like us to clean behind your appliances or furniture, such as your refrigerator, stove or sofa, please have the items moved prior to our arrival to allow us access to the areas.


We do not use bleach, nor do we bring bleach into your home. If you request that we use bleach in your home, please supply us with a bottle and note that we do not take any liability on any damage that may be caused due to the use of bleach.


Scheduled Cleaning

"Extra" Cleaning
Prior to cleaning for you, we will discuss in detail the services you require. Our quote is based on your lifestyle and the degree of cleaning that is required. If your lifestyle changes throughout our contract, we may need to revise our time and rates agreed upon. Popular events that may change your rate would be children, number of people in household, pets, hobbies, etc.

If we arrive at your home on the scheduled day of your cleaning to find an abnormal amount of cleaning needed (due to recent company, party or holiday mess) we will clean as much as we can within the agreed contract. One of us will contact you to discuss having us in again for an "extra" clean to help get your house back in order.


Any cancellations or re-scheduling must be completed two business days in advance of your reserved time frame. If Lily Cleaning Services receives less than two business days notice, or if we cannot access your home on the scheduled day of your cleaning, a $50 cancellation fee will be added on to your next scheduled clean.


Payments and Refunds

Lily Cleaning Services accepts cash or cheque prior to the scheduled clean. We ask that the payment be left in a sealed envelope, in a designated area. If our staff arrives to clean your home, and there is no payment waiting for us, we reserve the right to leave the house without cleaning it and we will need to re-schedule the clean over the next two days to avoid the cancellation fee. A $10 non-payment fee will be due if your payment is not made on the scheduled service day. A $25 fee is applied to all returned cheques.


Because we offer a service and not a product, we do not offer refunds. Although, we do offer additional services to fix any dissatisfaction you may have had with our service. We can either arrange to come back over the next couple of days, or we can take special care to aim for your complete satisfaction on your next clean. Ultimately, your satisfaction is very important to us.





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